Deluxe Men Facial & Beard Care

  • 1 hour
  • 80 US dollars
  • Myrtle Avenue

Service Description

While many may assume having facial hair is considered low maintenance (less shaving leads to less stress, no?), growing a beard actually comes with its own set of special skin-care concerns. Take, for instance, dry skin, irritation, and acne. "One of the most common issues I see as a esthetician is acne, which, in the beard area, is called pseudofolliculitis barbae," Jasmine, a board-certified esthetician in New York City, tells us. "This occurs when hairs that are shaved or plucked get trapped under the skin, causing a cascade of inflammation. These ingrown hairs can show up as little red bumps, pustules, or painful cysts. These bumps aren't technically the same as the pustules caused by clogged pores that pop up in hair-free areas of your skin, since they're caused by different things. If skin is shaved, waxed, plucked, or threaded, it can irritate the skin as the sharp hair grows through the skin This causes the itchy, red razor bumps, which, if they become infected, can become pustular and look more like acne. Dandruff and dry skin are also common issues caused by facial hair. This is because it is sometimes "more difficult to thoroughly cleanse, as well as moisturize, under facial hair that’s why a facial and beard care is really important to do Once a month to improve our skin and prevent all this from happening.

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